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Your Special Day

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Event Planning

We can take the stress out of your day by planning, designing, and coordinating your wedding.  Even if you have your own planner, our staff can augment with our designer and\or coordinator talent. 

What is the difference between a Planner and a Coordinator? Wedding planner as the name implies plans the wedding, while the wedding coordinator takes care of smoothly running the wedding. Usually, the job of a wedding planner ends before the wedding day.

A Wedding Designer's role is purely aesthetic, and doesn't include things like contract negotiations or Floral design.  See Floral Design Services.

Event Coordination

We want our wedding couples to focus on enjoying their special day rather than the details of the wedding. We can work with your event planner or provide our own to ensure both participants and attendees are in the right place at the right time.  We pay attention to the details to make your special day memorable and ensure your noted desires are executed as hoped.

Wedding Table Set
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Wedding Designer

Some of the most challenging decisions involve selecting the theme and design for your wedding.  Once that is selected, the planner can help you execute. Our designer can listen to your ideas and help you define a beautiful wedding. From napkins to bridesmaid dresses and colors to background music and targeted ambiance, we help make it unique to you.

Wedding Portfolio: Event Portfolio
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